Week 2 reflection 1

By Steven Lanclos T Surprising Repentance An Anglican priest friend of mine was lecturing at a gathering of Roman Catholic nuns. After the lecture my priest friend asked these Roman nuns what they were going to do in light of the scandal.

Week 2 reflection 1

Week 7 — The Future of Race? Week 2 Reflection Post The concept of modern biological science and the concept of race went hand to hand a very long time ago.

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I feel as they used science to justify what race is. That one race was better than another race and we have science to prove it. They were seen as hand to hand because how it was advancing at the time, science now compared to science before it a huge difference.

Still to this day we use science as an explanation of things, as way to understand the world. However, as the world goes on science is getting more and more better. The idea of race and science now is no longer a topic.

I agree with the statement that it goes together, but also how it changed. The idea of race is still an issue but not something that is foreign. With this week reading and lecture it look at science of how it describes and saw other ethnicities.

Like the skull measuring and that african american people are more inferior to other races. We used those methods to categorize and justify people. The Morton argument is a perfect example of how we use science to gain popularity or create that sense of entitlement.

The statement shows how outdated it is, because we are no longer using this method to describe race.

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However this method is still working because people use it to justify that sense of entitlement that has been created. This entry was posted in Week 2 Reflection Post. Thinking about how much racializing takes place daily in society but also in cultures over time showcases how its important to learn the sub disciplines in anthropology.

I am a little confused by your last statement on how the Morton method continues to work?Teachers Write - Weekly Reflection #1 Monday through Friday - each day of the week - you'll find writing-related posts at Kate Messner's blog. Each day has a different theme and you'll find all sorts of authors and publishing industry people chiming in.

Oct 18,  · Week 2 Reflection soarachelebelletini Reflections October 18, 2 Minutes What is meant by the “Oppression Olympics is the competition-like argument and battle to establish which minority group is actually the most oppressed or ‘who has it worse’. Week l1 Reflection Summary – Week 2 Learning Team Assignment In Week 1, we learned about how technology has changed the work and home environment.

Week 2 reflection 1

We discussed how the environment has changed from 40 years ago to one year ago. Week one was a little rough, but I think I'm getting the hang of things. As for week 2, the chapters seemed very long and tedious, but I did enjoy the article, "A Sense of Self." I am only 19, so I don't have kids to reminisce about or compare to the article, but I am around kids a lot and find it interesting to see how different every little.

Reflection Paper 2 - The Challenge for the Intelligence Community. Your assignment is to write a critical analysis paper of words (plus or minus 10%) which is about four double spaced pages in a .

PSY WEEK 2 Learning Styles and Motivation Reflection Week 2 – Learning Style and Motivation Reflection Review and reflect on this week's learning content, including the readings, videos, and classroom discussion. IN YOUR OWN WORDS, answer the following questions in the boxes below.

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