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For it was only focused on the boys travel together with his flock of sheep. But then on the latter part of the novel, the essence of the title was revealed, for it introduced an important character in the novel who is the Alchemist.

But children always seem to be able to play without frightening them. The child continued to play with my sheep for quite a while and suddenly the child took my both hands and transported me to the Egyptian pyramids.

One of the fundamentals of a good novel is its setting. Andalusia, Tarifa, Al-Fayoum and Tangier, but there are a number of hints written by the author such as the languages used in those places and the ideas of how these places looked like.

Termpaperwarehouse com

In Andalusia Spanish was the language Termpaperwarehouse com and Tarifa is only four days of travel from Andalusia which means it was just near by.

These two places were found in Spain. While Sahara is a very wide desert and a way to Egypt and Al-Fayoum was an oasis with fifty thousand palm trees and three thousand wells, These four places were found in North Africa where they speak Arabic.

The characters are consecutively introduced in the novel. First one is a girl, a typical girl in Andalusia, who is the daughter of a merchant to whom the boy sold his wool.

Arthur C. Danto — A Biography

This girl became out of the ordinary to Santiago, for he liked the girl and he kept on thinking about her during his travel. But then a question was asked by the girl. It proves that their family was not that abundant.

They lived in a farm and Santiago entered a seminary when he was sixteen there he learned Spanish, Latin and theology. His parents wanted him to become a priest but he told them that he wanted to travel, and to see the castles in different towns. But only the ones who are plentiful can travel and those who were like them can travel only if they were shepherds.

That point proves that the boy really is unswerving to pursue what he wanted. He then became a shepherd.

Termpaperwarehouse com

And as he finished telling his dream, the boy was asked to promise to give the lady one tenth of his treasure. And soshe said that the dream was In the language of the world and Santiago needs to go the Pyramids of Egypt.


Furthermore another instrument and also a character had taken its place in the journey of the boy. He was Melchizedek, the king of Salem, whose words and senses are beyond what normal people have.

He knew all about Santiago, not only Santiago but also other people who have their Personal legends. Other instruments are the Urim and Thummim, which are black and white stones.

In return to these things the boy also has to give one tenth of his flock to the king. Although this novel has a slow movement of the plot, there is still a very smooth flow of the story which anticipates the readers more and more as they go over the readings.

And gives insinuation to what will happen next and a hint in the story sequence. At first he interpreted his dream, next is he met Melchizedek and helped him to understand what his personal legend is, and of course next is for him to go where his treasure is.

Moreover the novel presented several conflicts, conflicts of man against man, man against his environment and man against himself.This is a formal written paper documenting the student’s assessment and analysis of two diverse cultures.

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