Fnt1 memo example

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Fnt1 memo example

Aile band, on the basis ofappears to be most susceptible of wide agreement. Whlle exCendinS the ban to broad areas SU? US would be denied use of most of its continental shelf for purposes of weapons deployment.

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Existing differences among states concerning the extent of national claims over coastal waters might complicate efforts to achieve agreement onone. It would bo consistent with our present international position on Fnt1 memo example limit of the territorial sea.

An initial position based on the current US claim to territorial seas would serve to protect the US position in other ongoing international discussions on the limit of the territorial sea and rights of transit through straits.

An inspection provision would strengthen the confidence of all parties that the prohibition would be observed. Moreover, rights of inspection utilizing national means would parallel provisions of the Soviet draft, thus making it easier to obtain agreement on this approach. Interference with legitimate activities could be minimized by means of the provision that advance notice be given and that maximum precautions be taken to assure safety and avoid interference with normal activities of installations to be inspected.

The absence of any provision for unilateral Inspection might lead to unacceptable proposals for an international inspection system. An inspection provision could increase the risk of compromise of sensitive US installations and might deter their deployment. An inspection provision will beto states that do not possess their own national capabilities, thus provoking possible unacceptable proposals for international Inspection.

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An Inspection provision might raise concerns regarding interference with commercial or other non-military uses of the seabed or compromise of industrial secrets. The right of inspection may createpressures for the US to describe and indicate locations of all military equipment and militarythus incurring the risk of making public sensitive US activities.

This conclusion is based on the following considerations: They have indicated some flexibility regarding the provisionseabed treaty. The major differences between the US and Sovietof conventional weapons, surveillance systems and other military activities--can probably be negotiated.

There is already some support from other countries on excluding surveillance and othernon-weapons systems from the prohibition. If we stand firm on our position of prohibiting weapons of massand if other differences appear negotiable, Soviet interest in achieving some kind of treaty before the General Assembly meets may lead them to drop their insistence on the prohibition- of conventional weapons.

Given the current impasse on other items before the ENDC, thererowing consensuseabeds agreement Is the only measure ripe for negotiation. Once it becomes clear that the US will not accept further restrictions, the interest of the other members in making progressreaty would facilitate their acceptance of an agreed US-USSR draft.

Other countries, especially the non-nuclear states, would probablyreaty which, by banning weapons of mass destruction,estriction on the superpowers, who arc the only states able to deploy such weapons on the seabed.

Fnt1 memo example

Prospects for Agreement on Specific Formulations Weapons vs. Fixed Weapons Given the sweeping Soviet draft, the US draft will be judged according to how far it appears to go in preventing extension of the nuclear arms race. In this situation, prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction, as well as their launching platforms or delivery vehicles will be more likely to gain acceptance than prohibition of only fixed weapons or launching platforms.

Since many states willile limit as an infringement of their sovereignty,mile band would probably be more susceptible of wide asreiinisnt.

Up Co the Coast or Up to Any preference for one of these alternative formulations can not be confidently predicted. On the one hand, prohibition up to the coast of any state provides maximum coverage of the area beyond the band adjacenttate and thus eliminates the option of deploying weapons in the band adjacentriendly or allied state.

On the otherrohibition extending only to the band adjacent to the coast of any other state avoids the problem ofcompliance within the narrow band adjacent to other states which might raise questions of infringement of sovereignty.

This latter formulation also protects the right of states to allow the deployment of nuclear weapons in their territorial waters by other states.

On balance, it appears that the formulation which extends the prohibition up to the narrow band of other states would be easier to negotiate.Aug 30,  · For example, when \{lsp=30}, the text box size is too short, Y="65" is too small, to fully display the letter M, and the light gray BackgroundColor clearly shows what's happening.

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